In the game, for life.

SKB's range of sports cases are designed to be used, over and over and over again! They come with a lifetime guarentee and unlike our competitors, we won't hesitate to replace your broken golf case or gun case if it old bones start to creak a bit. In 2015 a customer in the UK called Action Cases for help tracking down a new wheel for his 15 year SKB golf travel case. Within three days he had a brand new replacement case - free of charge.

Standards met: ATA 300, MIL-STD-810G, IP67, MIL-STD-2073, MIL-C-4140J, STANAG 4280 and DEF-STAN 81-41.


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Withstands max temp of 82.22°C/180°F
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Withstands min temp of -40°C/-40°F

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Our experience in the field
Indestructable cases and racks
Superior quality and value
Lighter-weight products

Superior warranty
Tailor-made solutions
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Action Cases offer a range of plastic injection moulded cases designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. All cases are waterproof, dust proof, air tight and drop tested, ideal for protecting fragile equipment and can be further enhanced with custom foam, document holders and soft dividers. We offer competitive pricing and discounts on trade and multi-orders.

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