Go GREEN - Aluminium CRATES

Published: 13 February 2016

Sophisticated warehouse management systems are incorporating strategies to streamline storage, increasing productivity through infrastructure changes, reducing energy costs, and choosing reusable/recyclable packaging.

One of the easiest solutions for greening the supply chain is to choose reusable aluminium boxes, aluminium crates and aluminium shipping containers. Industries shifting to reusable non-wood boxes and containers are realising substantial cost-saving benefits as well as reduced risk of damaged goods in transit, improved safety and reduction in solid waste disposal fees.

One of the most cost-effective shipping and handling solutions is aluminum boxes. Aluminium resists the ravages of time and temperature and it's extremely lightweight in relation to its strength, it is an inert material that is not combustible and poses no health risks. Because it is recyclable, it provides an exceptional return on investment. When aluminum is recycled multiple times, its life cycle impact on the environment is greatly reduced. And it is important to note that aluminum can be recycled repeatedly without losing its integrity.

Action Cases have 27 different sizes available in their Defender Range and offer the ideal solution to many of your packaging and transport problems, offering many advantages:

  • Lightweight, but robust and built to last, ensuring your contents are completely protected
  • Aluminium is unaffected by extreme cold or heat, is antimagnetic and rustproof
  • Easy to clean so they containers are ideally suited for use in clean room and food environments
  • Defender cases offer excellent quality at a very competitive price.

Whether you need an inexpensive case for transport and storage of basic materials, a case for costly electronic equipment, or even one for the transportation of dangerous goods, the Defender range can provide you with the best and most economical solution.

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